TRY A BRAID: Cherry Blow Dry Bar

Are you looking to try a new hairstyle that shows off your bone structure but want to avoid the traditional up-do? Try a braid for the summer! It’s pulled away from your face so you’ll be cool but you’ll still look classy and elegant for any event from weddings to beach hangouts. For only $35, you can get a blow-out and a styling instead of spending double for both services at other local blow-out bars. So since it’s never a splurge at Cherry Blow Dry Bar, treat yourself to a braid this summer!

Post- Breakup Rehab at CBDB

Are you or someone you know suffering from post-breakup blues? Symptoms include: staying in bed, moping around the house, eating junk food while simultaneously crying ones eyes out and watching romantic comedies? If you have fallen victim to this post-break-up blues, not to worry, we have all been there.

And now it’s time to get you up and head into Cherry Blow Dry Bar for part I of your rehabilitation to getting you back to your old, sweet, self. Cherry Blow Dry Bar will groom you back to life with a wash, blow out and fresh hairstyle, giving you a mini makeover (plus man-bashing session) all at the affordable cost of only $35. Stop in now! For locations, visit


If you’re a bride-to-be, consider sending your bridesmaids over to a Cherry Blow Dry Bar so everyone will be confident and camera-ready for your big day! With so many things to worry about on your big day, try to leave the little details to the experts. The best part, these experts won’t break your bank like your venue and dress did. At only $35 “a head”, they’ll cost less than you’re paying per head at the reception, and you can start your wedding day knowing all of your bridesmaids will look flawless.  For more information, please visit

Cherry Blow Dry Bar Expands

Cherry Blow Dry Bar has an aggressive campaign based on a five-year business plan. Our goal is to open 200 locations, 30% of which will be corporate-owned and 70% which will be franchised opportunities. The plan also calls for us to manufacture our own line of hair extensions and distribute a line of Cherry Blow Dry Bar-based product offerings. For more information franchising opportunities, please visit Cherry Blow Dry Bar. 

Wedding Season Hair Trend: The Side Bun

The side bun is the latest glam hair trend and you can’t help but notice the numerous celebrities and notables rocking this look anywhere from the red carpet to their very own wedding ceremony. Exceptionally versatile, this look can be tweaked to suit the individual in a wide array of fashions. Adding adornments of flowers jewels or ribbons is one. Incorporating mini braids, or curls is another. Gather your ideas of how you want your side bun to look and come in to Cherry Blow Dry Bar where you can sit back and relax as the glam squad of hair care professions tailors your side bun to your desires.

Mother’s Day At Cherry Blow Dry Bar

Searching for the perfect mother’s day gift for your mom or anyone special to you who is a mom? We recommend hair care and pampering at Cherry Blow Dry Bar. At Cherry Blow Dry Bar you, your mom and any other guests you wish to bring can enjoy a lovely, enjoyable experience getting your hair washed, blown out, styled and ready for any evening plans. We recommend booking your Mother’s Day appointments as far in advance as you can. Visit your local Cherry Blow Dry Bar or for a list of our locations please visit

Cherry Blow Dry Bar On The Hunt For Fresh Talent

Cherry Blow Dry Bar has recently opened a brand new location in Orlando Florida, and they are looking for talented hair care stylists/artists in the area to assist them in this new location. If you are interested in a position at Cherry Blow Dry Bar, and you have your Fl. cosmetology license, I recommend this position to you. Full time and part time positions are available, plus there is a wonderful ongoing training program providing the opportunity to learn and be up to date on the finest industry trends. If you feel like you are the right candidate for the job, please send your resume to, and best of luck to all applicants!!